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Custom Websites Design and Development

At Cocoweb, we custom design websites and develop a range of code driven dynamic website solutions for a range of purposes including catalog websites, online shopping, database management for business reference information.

We take pride in producing quality solutions that suit you, your purpose and your budget.

You will get personal service from the web developer working on your project.

Simple Static Website    Simple site details

For general information that does not change very often, a simple static website is sufficient for many business to tell what they do.

Simple Semi-Static Websites with Content Management

If the content needs to be changed from time to time or even everyday, we can provide a content management system [CMS] that uses simple techniques.

We also can provide training for key personnel to maintain the website.

Database Driven Dynamic Websites  Get a quote

Database dynamic websites use a database to load information into pages. Using a range of solution types, we can develop a system that best fits your needs, skills and budget. These are more suited where there is a large number of web pages to be displayed.

Dynamic websites may have large amounts of general information, catalogue websites or shopping websites.

Databases for Websites and Intranet

Using MySQL and MS Access databases, we can create or convert databases from a range of data sources.

Open Source Solutions

We can setup and take to whatever level of completion you might need.
Whether Joomla, MediaWiki, WordPress, ZenCart, etc, we can setup and custom template a solution for you.

Website and/or Database Rescue  Get a quote

We can convert a number of database formats and web languages such as MS Access,  Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, MySQL and others.

Intranet Solutions  Get a quote

Intranet means a local "internet" solution within your office. Maintain a database of stock, job tracking, etc within your office using a browser interface.

Training for Web and Computer Tasks Get a quote

With decades of teaching experience in computer technology, we can train you and staff to do particular tasks to get the job done. Training can be provided regardless of where your website etc came from.

Segment Work  Get a quote

We are happy to just do part of a website project if you have a skill gap.

We can do Flash animation, a custom form, a special coded function, image manipulation, css layout, data correcting, train you or setup your website on a production software, etc.
Just call us for a quote.


Design vs Development

DESIGN generally refers to the "look" of your website.

DEVELOPMENT refers to behind-the-scenes coding ie programming to perform special functions such as reading catalog information from a database.

A number of programming languages are commonly used on the internet.

Static vs Dynamic

STATIC pages have code that does not change. These pages usually have an address ending with .html. These are the simplest type of webpage.

DYNAMIC pages are generated by code when the page is displayed. The result will look like a static page. For example a catalog could have a thousand products to display. Instead of having a 1000 separate static pages, a template coded page generates the requested page by looking up the relevant data.

Open Source

Open source refers to dynamic web software where the code is publicly available at no cost. Many types exist and have many strengths and some weaknesses.