Web Consulting for Micro and Small Organisations

Copyright Conditions

All text and images specific to your purpose and/or supplied by you are copyright to you. 

Apart from selling your business, you cannot pass/reuse the design, fee or free, without permission and possible charge from us.

We reserve copyright on the layout and underlying code of your site unless you pay an exclusive use premium. This means that we may provide a custom design site with similar "look and feel" to another client. We will not do so where there is any likelihood of direct comparison of clients' sites eg 2 flower shops.


Other Conditions

  • Redesign of layout

We will give an initial draft and up to 2 redesigns included in the price. Additional designs will be charged at hourly rate.

  • If you supply the initial layout design and want to significantly change it after our draft, you will be charged at hourly rate for redesign.
  • Significant changes to originally supplied content during the initial development, may also incur additional costs.
  • Colours used on the website will be approximate to specification as the displayed colour depends on the monitor on which they are viewed.
  • Fixed width websites will be 980 px wide unless otherwise specified.
  • Websites will be designed to display correctly on Internet Explorer 7 and above, Chrome and Firefox 3. This covers approximately 90% of all internet users.