Web Consulting for Micro and Small Organisations

ABC of Websites for Beginners (Newbies)

A - Domain Name Registration - Your Address

Domain names are subject to availability. A name may have already been taken even it does not show a website. 

  • Australian .com.au names SHOULD have some valid link to a registered business identity to avoid being contested by a third party. You may be contacted by the Registrar at the time of registering to confirm such a link. Usually the business name is contained in the name but it can also be a product. These rules have been relaxed a little in recent times.
  • Currently .au names are registered for 2 years at a time.
  • Extensions .com, .biz, .net have no restrictions other than availability. They may are registered annually or for longer periods.
  • When registering the domain name, we will name the client as the owner and ourselves as the technical and administrator contacts unless instructed otherwise. This information is openly available on the internet so that anyone can find the owner of a website. There is no more information than what a business would normally advertise.
  • Privacy If you are a home based business and don't have a PO box address, your residential address would be displayed.
    • You can pay for a privacy listing on some domains
  • When deciding on a domain name, try to keep it a reasonable length, easy to remember and related to your business. Try: writing it as an email address; saying it to someone over the phone (you can just pretend of course).
  • Don't pay more than $40AUD. There is nothing better in the more expensive ones.

 B - Hosting   - Your Apartment

Hosting is the space where your website lives in. It is a usually a space on a computer is a hi-tech data centre with a "huge pipe" to the internet. It might be more correct to call it a caravan than an apartment as you can move to another space and keep the same address.

We have sourced reliable and cost effective third party hosting services in a world class facility. Hosting is 99%+ reliable. This means that there will be interruptions to service due to failures. Usually these are only a matter of a few hours or less about half a dozen times in a bad year. This level of hosting suits most sites.

For mission critical applications where your site must be online 24/7 no matter what, you need to have multiple hosting so that at least one is working.

 C - Design and Development

Design is how your site looks. We hand craft your website to give a unique look and feel. Or we can build on a template if desired. Many websites are simple html pages. [Simple site details]


Development is the programming code to make more complex sites work.


Our sites are constructed in such a way that future changes are relatively straight forward and consequently less costly to alter.